Monday, September 19, 2011

How do you properly take the brakes off of a bmx bike?

I want to see how it is running no brakes, and I don't want your opinions that say stuff like %26quot;you shouldn't unless you want to kill yourself.%26quot; I asked a question and I want an answer, not a lecture on why not to take my brakes off.How do you properly take the brakes off of a bmx bike?Taking brakes off is simple. You will need a 5mm allen wrench and a 10mm wrench if you have 990 style or %26quot;U%26quot; brakes. If you have single pivot brakes, like Bulldogs, you will need a 10mm wrench.

With 990's, remove the cables by using the 10mm wrench to loosen the pinch bolt on the brake which holds the cable in place. After removing the cable, you will then grab the 5mm Allen wrench and remove the %26quot;top%26quot; caliper of the brake from the post that it is attached to. Then follow it by doing the same on the %26quot;lower%26quot; caliper arm. You shold be good to go from there.

With the Single Pivot brakes, you should start by using the 10mm wrench on the pinch bolt that holds the cable in place. Remove all aspects of the cable and housing and then use the 10mm wrench on the opposite side of the frame that holds the brake in place (or the back of the fork for the front.) After it is removed, you should be good to go.

If you want, remove the levers so they will be out of your way. These usually take a 5mm allen wrench but some other styles are out there so you will have to see about that. You can still run the bike w/o brakes but still have the levers on in case you want to switch back. You also can leave the Gyro/Oryg on until you make up your mind.

New bikes that are designed to be run brakeless are coming to the sales floor all of the time but CPSC laws state a brake has to be on a bike no matter what so they put a really cheap one on and it is meant to be removed. The bike I like is the Mirraco Wallstreet... It's money :)

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