Friday, June 3, 2011

How much should I expect to pay for brakes?

I have a '04 Chevy Cavalier and need the brakes replaced, about how much would I expect to pay?How much should I expect to pay for brakes?There are a lot of variables, like do you need the fronts only, or all four? Do you want just the brake pads and your going to do it yourself or do you want a shop to do it.

Also, there are usually at least a couple choices on brake pads, cheap, middle of the road, or expensive.

Anyways, If your just looking to get the fronts done it would probably be around $100 to $200, but I would suggest picking up the phone and call around your local shops for a quote.How much should I expect to pay for brakes?find places with brake pricing packages....alot of times, firestones/goodyears/ntbs/midas/meineke have brake package pricing (pads/labor) but charge extra for rotors

i would say 150 should be middle of the road, but if you time it right and do some research, you should be able to get that down about $25

good luck....

i was a service manager at a firestone before, and if someone came in with a competitors coupon, that was a way for me to be able to discount whereas in normal situations i couldn' long as i had someone to attatch to my invoice, i was allowed to discountHow much should I expect to pay for brakes?well you need to be more specific. Such as...Front, Rear or both...are you doing the work yourself? Just replacement Brakes pads or shoes, drums, rotors?How much should I expect to pay for brakes?depending on how wore out they are and how much damage is done anywhere from 100 to 300 per axleHow much should I expect to pay for brakes?If it's just shoes and pads, front and back, up to $150 depending on where you take it.

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