Friday, June 3, 2011

How do I test electric trailer brakes?

I need to figure out how to test the electric brakes on a trailer that has been sitting for a couple of years without having a truck nearby. Is there a gadget somewhere or a way to get them to actuate without a vehicle's brake controller?How do I test electric trailer brakes?This web page:

has an explanation of the differences between Hydraulic and electric trailer braking systems.

It alsl explains how they wire, and troubleshooting both the tow vehicle and trailer sides.How do I test electric trailer brakes?The proper way to test your trailer brakes accurately is with a vehicle pulling it. If no vehicle available jack up both wheels and spin one and then the other have someone apply 12 volts to the center wire of the trailer plug usually a 10 gage red wire. The 12 volts will energize the magnet and should stop the wheel if they are working OK. good luckHow do I test electric trailer brakes?just apply 12 volts to them for a short time ,don't hold the voltage on them for too long that will tell you if they are free or stuck,it wouldn't surprise me if they are stuck after not being used for a while,have someone look at them when you apply the voltage to see if they actually move any,good luckHow do I test electric trailer brakes?Just put 12 volts on them. It's not rocket science. It's just an electromagnet in there that makes them start working. The trailer has to be rolling to actuate them.

With the controller, you can sure feel them while driving. That's the most plain way to test them.How do I test electric trailer brakes?SINCE THEY USUALLY RUN ON 12V YOU COULD USE A BATTERY CHARGER AND RUN AN EXT. CORD OUT TO IT, THE FIGURE OUT WICH WIRES ACTVATE THE LIGHTS. JUST BE SURE SO YOU DONT BURN THEM UP

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