Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do I get rid of squeaky brakes?

I have a Ford Focus and the brakes sound like a train coming to a halt. The dealer I brought it to to have it looked at says the brakes are fine. What do you suggest so that they brakes don't squeak? Or is it inevitable?How do I get rid of squeaky brakes?Take it to Quik Fit. They do a free brake check. It could just be the anti squeal shims out of line or it could be a fault that needs special attention.You can't be too careful.How do I get rid of squeaky brakes?put oil on themHow do I get rid of squeaky brakes?I would have a second technician take a look at it. I don't think that should happen.How do I get rid of squeaky brakes?If your brakes are squeaky, they need to be replaced. They are designed to be squeaky when they wear down so that you know they need to be replaced.How do I get rid of squeaky brakes?NEVER PUT OIL ON YOUR BRAKES!!!!!!!! Try brake cleaner and if not they have a %26quot;Brake Stop Squeal%26quot; @ you local parts store probably right next to the brake cleanerHow do I get rid of squeaky brakes?you might have to change the routers. there has to be something wrong with the breaks.How do I get rid of squeaky brakes?the linings are worn. there are tabs on

the brakes to make it squeak when they

get wornHow do I get rid of squeaky brakes?That noise is an indicater your need to replace the disc brake pad calipers.They put those on there to make the noise so you know its time to replace them. You grinding into your rotors and that is an expensive fix. Take it to another shop. They don't know what they are talking about. Or maybe they want you to score out the rotors so they can charge you $1000+ to replace them.How do I get rid of squeaky brakes?could be worn out and just need replacing or some brakes are just noisy. you can get a backing plate that goes between the pad and calliper or this other silicone type stuff thats applied to the back of the pad. in either case you have to take it apart and no guarantee it will work. the stuff should be avbl at local auto parts supplierHow do I get rid of squeaky brakes?brake noise is simply a high frequency vibration, usually the pads. Some brake pads are more prone to squeaking due to the material composition, such as a harder material. You can try switching brake pads to an organic compound but they wear out very fast due to the softer material composition. If there is a lot of brake pad left, I would suggest having someone remove the brake pads and apply either a noise suppression shim to the back of the pads, or you can use brake quiet material that is applied to the back of the pads where they come in contact with the piston in the caliper for the inboard pad, and where they contact the caliper itself for the outboard pad. it's a gooey substance that is applied to the pad and when it solidifies, it holds the pads stationary to eliminate brake noise. Brake rotors are not to be replaced for brake noise unless there is excessive grooving in the rotor face or pitting. I would take it to someone and ask them to FIX the noise, not just inspect the brakes and look for worn pads. In the majority of cases, the noise can be easily corrected. I know, my car used to sound like a school bus coming to a stop until I used the disc brake quiet fix.How do I get rid of squeaky brakes?This is too easy, but really an industry wide problem. So when the mechanic says %26quot;this is normal%26quot; some of that is true.

about 12 years or so ago, the EPA forced brake pad manufactures to eliminate the asbestos in the brake linings (pads). This however made them weak and squeak.

The solution was to make them %26quot;semi-metallic%26quot; (adding metal shavings) so to speak to the pad material.

Now the pads squeak due to brake dust (the pads wear alot faster than they use to).

The best remedy: try a set of non-OEM pads (aftermarket) from O'reillys etc. ask them the best replacement for your car...some times people have to try two or three different pads to stop it. Trust me, one of them will...and pads are cheap!How do I get rid of squeaky brakes?the brakes on your car probably squeek because of a high metalic content in the friction material the best way to make it stop is replace your front pads with a ceramic padHow do I get rid of squeaky brakes?Squeaky pads are due to one of what could be many things!

Firstly Dust, or worn pads/brake shoes. Mostly brake squeal is from pads more so than that of brake shoes.

This is generally caused due to movement of the brake pad what you hear is a very high frequency sound. The way around this problem is usually copper slip. This is copper grease which is a high melting point grease. It is only applied to the pad which makes ontact with the caliper piston or on the shim between pad and piston. I have used this method on many vehicles and it has never failed me!

But no matter what get your breaks checked to make sure as this is the only thing thats between your life or your death. Never take chances with brakes no matter how silly the problem might sound get it checked!How do I get rid of squeaky brakes?Douchebag....ha ha yourself a decent car honey instead of embarassing yourself for real on the questions properly and if you had half a brain you would maybe half understand the irony......How do I get rid of squeaky brakes?WOOOHOOO ......You go Joeline!!

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